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18 Jun






Buffalo’s Parents want Assembly Education Chair Cathy Nolan’s support for Buffalo’s Parent Trigger bill to empower parents to put our students first. Buffalo’s Parents left Albany on Wednesday confident that Assemblywoman Nolan could support a “Buffalo only” Parent Trigger bill.

We traveled to Albany on Wednesday, June 15th to meet with State Legislators about the Parent Trigger and left with support from the State Delegation representing the City of Buffalo, the Chair of the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus and other assembly and Senate members.

Our champion of parents and better public education, Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes welcomed us to Albany by introducing us to state officials on the floor of the Assembly.

Assemblywoman Peoples introduced us to many influential members of the Assembly, whom pledged their support for our efforts.

Our children’s reality needs to be addressed now; we cannot wait another year.

Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan, has the power to in a very meaningful way to support parents in our effort do what is best for our children.

The arguments against the bill are insulting and the thought that Buffalo’s parents will not use this power responsibly is even more insulting.  The fact is that, we are the only stakeholders in the entire system that will use our power responsibly by making every decision in the best interest of our own children, without a conflict of interest. Evidence shows that the same cannot be said for all stakeholders whose needs are met whether our children succeed or not. The result: 75% of our black and Hispanic males drop out of high school and less than 50% of all Buffalo students graduate from high school. We cannot afford to continue on this same path for another year.

Senator Grisanti is confident that Buffalo’s Parent Trigger bill will pass the Senate, the Buffalo Delegation and Black and Puerto Rican Caucus are supportive.  So the question is who gets to decide whether Buffalo Parents are responsible enough to use the power of the Parent Trigger?

On behalf of Buffalo’s parents and students, we call on Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan to bring Buffalo’s Parent Trigger to the education committee and invite Buffalo’s parents to testify on Monday, June 20th.

We are encouraged by the leadership of Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes to help us build support within the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus. We are encouraged that Buffalo’s state delegation is supportive of parent’s rights.

Assemblywoman Nolan’s comments are reason enough to put power back in the hands of parents. As parents of students in Buffalo’s failing schools, we do not have time to wait.

Buffalo’s parents have made historic gains in the past year: we have representatives at each of Buffalo’s schools; we are recognized as stakeholders. What we lack is what every other stakeholder at the table has: the legal authority to protect our interests, putting our children first.


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                                                                                                June 17, 2011


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Buffalo City Council supports Parent Trigger

15 Jun

Support for New York State Adopting a “Parent Trigger Law” for Buffalo Public Schools—The Council adopted a resolution sponsored by Council Members Demone A. Smith and Michael P. Kearns expressing its support for New York State (“NYS”) Assembly Bill A7569 which would permit the parents of pupils attending a Buffalo Public School (“BPS”) on the NYS Persistently Lowest Achieving (“PLA”) list to choose implementation of an education intervention model. BPS educates nearly 33,000 students in 59 separate schools. Of those schools, 13 are currently on the PLA list and an additional 13 schools will likely be placed on the PLA list in the near future. NYS mandates that if a school is placed on the PLA list, the local school district must choose one of four education intervention models in an attempt to improve the school. Educational advocacy groups, including the Buffalo-based District Parent Coordinating Council (“DPCC”), have requested that parents be given additional tools to hold the school system accountable and give parents a larger voice in the education process. The proposed NYS legislation would allow parents at a PLA school to implement a chosen education intervention model by collecting signatures from at least 50 percent of the represented parents at the respective school showing support for that model. Advocates for this law assert that this law would give parents a greater role in the education of their children and would result in the school system being more responsive to their interests.

DPCC Rally at City Hall was a success!!

16 May

We certainly got the attention of the decision makers and the rest of the City. The Buffalo News is prioritizing public education by publishing front page articles almost daily, and sending out multiple reporters to cover the boycott and rally!

We are exhausted and encouraged, and now the real work begins. Stay tuned

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