Drop Off Points for May 16 Boycott

First, we encourage every parent to contact their church to make sure it is participating.

For help/to offer support please call/e-mail
Sam Radford: (716) 578-3571 / SamRadford3@gmail.com
Katie Campos: (716) 479-4124 / Katie@BuffaloReformED.com

Participating Locations:

Buffalo United Front (http://buffalounitedfront.org/)
United Outreach Ministries

Drop off points,
True Bethel Baptist (907 East Ferry Street, 14211)
True Bethel Downtown (472 Swan St. Buffalo, NY 14204)
CAO-Edward saunders (2777 Bailey Ave. Buffalo, NY 14215)
CAO- Pratt-Willard community center (422 Pratt St. Buffalo, NY 14204)
CAO-JFK Community Center (114 Hickory St. Buffalo, NY 14204)
Alliance for Quality Education- Citizen Action
Baptist Ministries Alliance
ElIm Christian Fellowship in Central Park (70 Chalmers Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14214)
Bethesda World Harvest on Main and Utica (1365 Main street)
Jerimiah Partnership

St. Philips Church (15 Fernhill Avenue, Buffalo 833-0442)


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