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Buffalo City Council supports Parent Trigger

15 Jun

Support for New York State Adopting a “Parent Trigger Law” for Buffalo Public Schools—The Council adopted a resolution sponsored by Council Members Demone A. Smith and Michael P. Kearns expressing its support for New York State (“NYS”) Assembly Bill A7569 which would permit the parents of pupils attending a Buffalo Public School (“BPS”) on the NYS Persistently Lowest Achieving (“PLA”) list to choose implementation of an education intervention model. BPS educates nearly 33,000 students in 59 separate schools. Of those schools, 13 are currently on the PLA list and an additional 13 schools will likely be placed on the PLA list in the near future. NYS mandates that if a school is placed on the PLA list, the local school district must choose one of four education intervention models in an attempt to improve the school. Educational advocacy groups, including the Buffalo-based District Parent Coordinating Council (“DPCC”), have requested that parents be given additional tools to hold the school system accountable and give parents a larger voice in the education process. The proposed NYS legislation would allow parents at a PLA school to implement a chosen education intervention model by collecting signatures from at least 50 percent of the represented parents at the respective school showing support for that model. Advocates for this law assert that this law would give parents a greater role in the education of their children and would result in the school system being more responsive to their interests.


The Buffalo News: Parents group calls for full attendance

31 May

The Buffalo News: Parents group calls for full attendance

By Mark Sommer

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A parents group has called for 100 percent attendance Wednesday in Buffalo public schools.

The call was issued by the same group that encouraged parents to keep their children home during a half-day of school on May 16.

“The 100 percent attendance is our future,” said Samuel L. Radford III, vice president of the District Parent Coordinating Council. “Once we are able to address the issue of a broken system, then it’s going to be the main responsibility of the parents to make sure their kids are there, and make sure they remain a meaningful part of the process.”

At the same time, the DPCC’s executive committee postponed an effort being coordinated with several community organizations to bring young people found out of school Wednesday to the district’s intervention center on the East Side, where there is a social worker team and other resources available to discuss returning to school or studying for the GED.

Superintendent James A. Williams’ cancellation of a May 19 meeting to discuss logistics of that effort, and his unavailability before Friday, was the deciding factor in the postponement, Radford said.

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Buffalo Rising Online: Buffalo ReformED supports the District Parent Coordinating Council’s May 16th Boycott

14 May

Buffalo ReformED supports the DPCC Boycott by Hannya Boulos

Buffalo ReformED supports the District Parent Coordinating Council’s May 16th Boycott. We support this boycott because we believe that a unified parental voice is our best chance at achieving lasting and meaningful reform in the Buffalo Public Schools. Parents are the only stakeholders that will always put the needs of students first; and a students-first mentality is a necessary part of the change that needs to happen. We support this boycott because it represents the parents and students who are consistently overlooked in this district.


WGRZ: Business as Usual in Buffalo Public Schools

5 May

BUFFALO, NY – Even though hundreds of parents filled an auditorium this week demanding reform in Buffalo schools, the superintendent says it’s business as usual.

WATCH: Williams interview

“What are you doing as the superintendent today that’s different than yesterday to answer their calls for reform,” 2 On Your Side’s Josh Boose asked Buffalo Schools Superintendent Dr. James Williams.

“Nothing,” Williams replied.

“Why not?” Boose followed up.

“I’m doing reform folks,” said Williams.


Buffalo News: Officials, parents to discuss city schools, Public’s frustration will be addressed

3 May

Buffalo News
Officials, parents to discuss city schools, Public’s frustration will be addressed

Frustration with the Buffalo Public Schools has been simmering for quite some time.

Tonight, it’s likely to boil over. State and local officials will gather at an unprecedented meeting called by the district’s parent group to talk about problems in the city’s schools.

Parents have invited decision-makers from every level of government, from City Hall to the State Capitol, to come together from 5 to8 p. m. today in the auditorium of Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, 450 Masten Ave. The meeting is open to the public.

Superintendent James A. Williams has repeatedly said the state education system is designed to force students—particularly minority students — to drop out.