Buffalo City Council supports Parent Trigger

15 Jun

Support for New York State Adopting a “Parent Trigger Law” for Buffalo Public Schools—The Council adopted a resolution sponsored by Council Members Demone A. Smith and Michael P. Kearns expressing its support for New York State (“NYS”) Assembly Bill A7569 which would permit the parents of pupils attending a Buffalo Public School (“BPS”) on the NYS Persistently Lowest Achieving (“PLA”) list to choose implementation of an education intervention model. BPS educates nearly 33,000 students in 59 separate schools. Of those schools, 13 are currently on the PLA list and an additional 13 schools will likely be placed on the PLA list in the near future. NYS mandates that if a school is placed on the PLA list, the local school district must choose one of four education intervention models in an attempt to improve the school. Educational advocacy groups, including the Buffalo-based District Parent Coordinating Council (“DPCC”), have requested that parents be given additional tools to hold the school system accountable and give parents a larger voice in the education process. The proposed NYS legislation would allow parents at a PLA school to implement a chosen education intervention model by collecting signatures from at least 50 percent of the represented parents at the respective school showing support for that model. Advocates for this law assert that this law would give parents a greater role in the education of their children and would result in the school system being more responsive to their interests.


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