The Buffalo News: Parents group calls for full attendance

31 May

The Buffalo News: Parents group calls for full attendance

By Mark Sommer

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A parents group has called for 100 percent attendance Wednesday in Buffalo public schools.

The call was issued by the same group that encouraged parents to keep their children home during a half-day of school on May 16.

“The 100 percent attendance is our future,” said Samuel L. Radford III, vice president of the District Parent Coordinating Council. “Once we are able to address the issue of a broken system, then it’s going to be the main responsibility of the parents to make sure their kids are there, and make sure they remain a meaningful part of the process.”

At the same time, the DPCC’s executive committee postponed an effort being coordinated with several community organizations to bring young people found out of school Wednesday to the district’s intervention center on the East Side, where there is a social worker team and other resources available to discuss returning to school or studying for the GED.

Superintendent James A. Williams’ cancellation of a May 19 meeting to discuss logistics of that effort, and his unavailability before Friday, was the deciding factor in the postponement, Radford said.

Read full story here


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