June 1: 100% Attendance day in the Buffalo Schools

30 May

Date: June 1, 2011

On Wednesday, June 1st, the District Parent Coordinating Council and many community groups are promoting increased attendance in the Buffalo Public Schools. Specifically, their goal is to increase attendance at Buffalo’s Persistently Lowest Achieving schools.

On June 1, the DPCC is aiming to raise community awareness about attendance issues in the Buffalo Public Schools. The DPCC asks community groups and community members to be more aware of students that are skipping school, and if possible, to start up a conversation with these students to ask why they are skipping school.

Specifically, the DPCC encourages the community to ask these students the following questions and to send in responses to the DPCC so that they can gather information to address this issue:

Questions for students:

What happened? Why are you not in school?

The DPCC asks that all information gathered is e-mailed to DPCCBuffalo@gmail.com, mailed to Gateway-Longview, C/O District Parent Coordinating Council, 347 E. Ferry St., Buffalo, NY 14208


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