The Buffalo News: Parent group votes to boycott city schools on May 16th

4 May

The Buffalo News: Parent group votes to boycott city schools on May 16th
by Mary Pasciak

The parent group in the Buffalo Public Schools formally voted tonight to stage a direct-action campaign on May 16 as a show of strength that will include a boycott of city schools.

The vote came at the end of an often heated three-hour meeting in Performing Arts that gave City of Buffalo and state officials a chance to weigh in on persistent problems plaguing the district.

Parents apparently were not satisfied with the answers they got.

After hearing from everyone from the superintendent to the mayor and state legislators for nearly three hours, parent leader Samuel L. Radford III cut to the chase.

By that point, nearly all the dozen or more officials who had come had cleared out of the auditorium and headed home, many of them citing family obligations.

“Do you really think they’re going to do anything?” Radford asked.

The collective answer, apparently, was no.

That left nearly all the representatives on the District Parent Coordinating Council feeling as though the next step must be a day of protest. Only one parent voted against the May 16 boycott and other actions, which will include a rally in front of City Hall.

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