Katie Campos of Buffalo ReformED on the DPCC’s Revolution to return power to parents

2 May

In this clip, Katie Campos of Buffalo ReformED talks about the significance of the DPCC’s stakeholders meeting, what parents are demanding, and why the teachers union does not represent the best interests of all parents

The District Parent Coordinating Council (DPCC) is calling on every elected official that represents the City of Buffalo to come to their stakeholder’s meeting tomorrow, May 3rd, to address the parents of the BPS and explain to them why the school system is structurally setup to fail students, as Superintendent Williams remarked on a news broadcast.

The DPCC’s goal is to get each of the elected officials representing the City of Buffalo to take responsibility to improve our failing public school system– as opposed to the more common practice of pointing fingers and placing blame.

The DPCC purposefully did not invited the leadership of the Buffalo Teacher’s Federation because the DPCC believes that they need to address their elected representatives, not the teacher’s elected representatives, to demand that they put the needs of their students first. Once the parents are granted a seat at the decision making table with elected officials and the teacher’s union, they will be ready and willing to collaborate to create a transformed and improved public school system for their kids.


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